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Go Wide or Go Home??

April 29, 2011

compose, focus then make the shot


This month I was able to take a trip out to a famous golf course in the Palm Springs area. No, I was not there for the Coachella Music Fest. I was there for yet another swim meet.

Anyway, I was fortunate to have borrowed my friends 11-16 f/2.8. He was gracious enough to let me borrow it for the weekend. My intentions were to get up at the crack of dawn and wander the course armed with my DSLR and this lens. Waking up at 0545 hrs, the sun was not yet visible. I decided to start my trek and scope out a scenic spot to start my shoot. When the sun broke, it seemed to be accelerated as I found myself shooting, then noticing the sun had risen quite a bit. I did manage to get some decent shots all with a wide angle.

So do I think you should go home if you do not have a wide angle lens? Not at all! There is definitely a niche for this type of lens; and landscape is definitely one of them. I had taken this to the meet as well seeing what creative shots could be done at poolside. Again, I was pleasantly surprised from the results of the shoot. Keep in mind that when trying to capture an individual swimmer with a wide angle, it is not wise unless you are in the water with them…which would disqualify them (not a good idea); not to mention that your camera is not waterproof…at least mine isn’t.

With this lens I noticed the focusing was not as critical as with my zoom. Meaning turning the focus ring to the left or right slightly would not disrupt the images focus. DoF was fairly broad even at 2.8. It seem to be difficult to mess up a shot. I was able to focus my attention more on composition and lighting. This was a fun excursion for me, and I will have to go back in the winter when I remembered the sunrise being even more beautiful.

This will be a lens that I will purchase sometime in the future, until then, I will either rent or borrow if the need arises as I have not been shooting a whole lot of landscapes.


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