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Signs, signs everywhere a sign…

May 14, 2011

Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign

Everywhere you go there are signs telling where you are, how to get there, and whether or not you are allowed there.

This holds true in photography as well.  I would agree to most rules when it deals with taking pictures on private property or if there will be harm done while in the process of capturing a shot, either property or people.

This is pretty much black and white as I see it.  If I ever choose to disregard a rule or a sign stating no photography allowed, it better have been worth it!!

Some examples that I have seen and are aware of are government agencies, malls, professional and amateur sporting events, and museums to name a few.

I bring up this topic due to an incident I witnessed at one of our local swim meets.  It is very important that all people attending these meets  understand and obey these rules.  I do not tolerate stupidity when it comes to the safety of children.  At all sanctioned Southern California Swimming meets,  flash photography is not allowed at the start of any race nor is any photography allowed behind the starting blocks at the start of a race.

This meet was no different than any other except for one stupid moron had to snap some shots behind the blocks at the start of a race.  And if you are wondering the reason for this rule, it is because these CHILDREN are in a starting position and being photographed from behind is:

  1. not flattering (if you catch my drift) and
  2. can get you arrested and toss in jail or
  3. you will have to deal with me and
  4. any or all combinations of the above

Needless to say, this clown was told!  He had the nerve to disobey and argue with the Officials on deck which led to a delay to the meet for approximately 5-10 minutes as they tried to get this guy to fess up what team he was with, so that they could inform the Team representative and take appropriate action(s).  I observed the the dispute from across the pool but had no idea as to the details.  He had eventually walked away.  When I went to speak with Officials between races, they had told me the story and I was ticked!!  My agenda at that point was to find this guy, find out who he is and what team he is associated with.  Fortunately for him but unfortunately for me, I was unable to locate him after walking the entire area multiple times.

Going back to the topic, please obey these rules.  To borrow a saying from a friend of mine, its not that I’m a saint nor are my headaches caused because my halo is to tight, but its an issue with courtesy, privacy and safety…in this case child safety.  There are plenty of subjects to shoot.  If there are any restrictions that you disagree with, ask someone why.  There is usually a good reason.

Enough said.  Thanks for allowing me to vent a bit.  I hope this post was informative, at minimum.


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    • Dwayne

      Thank you for your feedback. As with most people, time is what hinders the ability to do the things we like to do. As time becomes more abundant, I will be writing and shooting more. Stay tuned.

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