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What’s Behind the Story

January 16, 2012


Story telling

From cover to cover, in this case, from edge to edge

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so they say.  Well, I have been told by my photography buddies that the images taken should tell a story.  Honestly, I don’t always try to tell a story, but then again, sometimes I do…well, I think I do.

Some images don’t always tell stories; it may just be a pretty shot, with color, patterns, shapes and so on.  Capturing the moment for keepsake purposes and memories is another example.

Creating a story for a single image is difficult for me.  I won’t lie; it takes me plenty of time to think of how I want to shoot it to tell that story.  Our assignment this week, which is due when this article is posted (dated above) is air or gas. What does that mean you ask?  Like any piece of art, it is up to ones interpretation as to the meaning and how that piece of art that will be created.

So what does that mean to me, and how will I compose my image for my assignment?  hmm.  The difficulty of creating a story is best handled when I am driving to and from work.  My 75 minute commute (one way) offers me an abundance of time to think of a game plan–what, where to shoot it and how to light it; not to mention, it makes the drive seem quick.  But use whatever method works for you.  It may come easier to some as they may be more “left brain” oriented.  I believe I am favoring my right side but I do also want to exercise the left.

I will share my image later in the post.  You are more than welcome to share your thoughts of the image.

So, telling a story should have some meaning or relevance to the subject…right?  It may even include emotions like laughter,  sadness or anger or something in between.  If you look at any of the Pulitzer prize photos, they will grab you and tug at your soul…someway and somehow.

Another recommended way to use photography to tell your story is with multiple images.  It can be a series of shots in sequence or a collage of photos.

The next time you go shoot, here is your assignment; pick a subject, find the subject and tell your story of your subject…and it doesn’t have to be in that order.  To make it even more challenging, do not include a title with your image.

Enjoy the adventure.  Shutters away…



Air or Gas…my interpretation

The effects of...

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